Attorney Moller Wins $450,000 Settlement in Accident Case

If you’ve been injured and have a Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury claim, you’re in good hands with Cramer & Anderson Partner Barry S. Moller.

$450,000—in a lump sum.

That’s the settlement Attorney Moller recently secured after going up against the insurance giant Allstate, known for tenacity in trying to avoid such settlements.

See the Connecticut Law Tribune story on the case

The settlement resulted from a New Fairfield, Conn., motor-vehicle-injury case. A 54-year-old female postal worker was substantially injured when a teenager drove through a stop sign and struck the postal van she was driving while on the job.

Attorney Barry S. Moller.

Medically, the injured worker needed two knee surgeries, sustained lower back injuries and required an extensive period of recovery, as well suffering a temporary shoulder injury as the result of having to use crutches.

Legally, “it was a Federal Workers’ Compensation claim and a motor vehicle claim,” explained Attorney Moller. “If you’re a Federal worker and you’re involved in an accident, you immediately come under the jurisdiction of the Federal Employees Compensation Act. Our office represented her on the motor vehicle claim,” which was a Personal Injury case.

Attorney Moller mediated the case with Allstate, and through his experience and extensive knowledge of medical impairment ratings for injuries, he aggressively advocated on behalf of his client to obtain a settlement that represents a very good result given the age of the client and the injuries sustained.

But that wasn’t the end of Attorney Moller’s exceptional work on the case.

The Federal Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs paid the postal worker $103,000 for medical costs and lost wages. Whenever possible, the Federal government seeks to recover the funds paid to workers in compensation claims.

In this case, the Federal government would recover what it paid from the settlement Allstate approved.

Attorney Moller’s expertise in the Workers’ Compensation system, medical issues, and impairment ratings for injured employees empowered him to have the Federal Workers’ Compensation lien of $103,000 reduced to $68,500—keeping intact as much as possible the settlement from Allstate.

“Thirty-five thousand more goes into her pocket,” noted Attorney Moller, who works in Cramer & Anderson’s New Milford office. He may be reached by phone at 860-355-2631 and by email at

Cramer & Anderson has an extensive team of attorneys who specialize in Personal Injury Law. In addition to Attorney Moller, attorneys who handle Workers’ Compensation cases include Scott McCarthy, Jennifer Collins, Kenneth Taylor, Thomas Mott and Christopher Sochacki.

The firm also has offices in Litchfield, Danbury, Kent and Washington Depot. For more information, see the Cramer & Anderson website or call the New Milford office at 860-355-2631.

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