Author name: Robert L. Fisher, Jr

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Connecticut Short-Term Rentals Tax Affects Realtors

One Litchfield County real estate firm is advertising an “incredible new construction Washington rental” for the upcoming ski season, from Dec. 16 through March 14—just shy of 90 days if someone rented it for the full term. In Salisbury, another Realtor offers an in-town “retreat” available on a short-term or monthly basis during the academic

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Sales Tax: Internet Sales vs. Brick and Mortar

Thanks to the United States Supreme Court, internet retailers no longer have an unfair financial advantage over brick-and-mortar businesses. Until June of this year, an internet retailer was not required to collect sales taxes from out-of-state customers ordering merchandise or services, unless the retailer had a “physical presence” within the state where the purchaser resided. A

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Equifax Data Breach: What the Hackers Know About You and What You Should Do About It

By Robert L. Fisher, Jr Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are the “big three” among the many credit reporting agencies in the United States. Most banks and other lenders use these agencies for information when a borrower applies for a loan or credit card. Some employers use credit information to evaluate a potential new employee. Virtually

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Know the Risks

Just about everyone uses email to communicate with clients, family, friends, and merchants. Email is quick and easy for anyone who can use a keyboard on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The down side, however, is that communicating by email is not secure. Hackers of all ages and nationalities are able to exploit vulnerabilities

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