Dan Casagrande successfully defends Danbury’s rejection of waste transfer station.

Dan Casagrande, partner in the Danbury office of Cramer & Anderson LLP, successfully defended the Planning Commission of the City of Danbury an appeal from its denial of a planned trash transfer station. In an 80 page decision (which you can read below) on August 8, 2014, the Superior Court of Danbury upheld Danbury’s denial of a proposed solid waste transfer station, based on substantial evidence supporting the Commission’s concerns regarding odor, traffic safety, and because the proposed project was not in general character with the eastern Danbury neighborhood. Superior Court Judge Sheila Ozalis also found that the proposed site plan did not comply with zoning regulations and that the plaintiff’s 2007 application was incomplete.


In an accompanying article from the Danbury News-Times, city officials have applauded the decision. The City Council’s minority leader, Tom Saadi, stated that this decision vindicates the concern of city residents.


Congratulations on a job well-done!


8.8.14 Memorandum of Decision

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