National Firm Praises Attorney Casagrande for Settlement

Cramer & Anderson Partner Dan Casagrande was recently praised by the national firm Copier Analytics for his work achieving a favorable settlement in a Connecticut case.
Cramer & Anderson Partner Dan Casagrande

Cramer & Anderson Partner Daniel Casagrande recently received praise from Martin Silver, president of the firm Copier Analytics, for his work on a Connecticut case that resulted in a favorable settlement for the client. Mr. Silver is also the benefactor of the New York University Silver School of Social Work. He and his wife, Constance, donated $50 million to NYU, the largest private gift to a school of social work in the U.S. Below is what Mr. Silver wrote about working with Attorney Casagrande:

Attorney Dan Casagrande Exceeded Expectations

Cramer & Anderson Partner Dan Casagrande was recently praised by the national firm Copier Analytics for his work achieving a favorable settlement in a Connecticut case.
The testimonial from Martin Silver

Our business, Copier Analytics, analyzes the high costs of printing and copying for clients, including management contracts, and then saves businesses and organizations significant amounts of money—from $50,000 for a law firm to nearly $2 million for UConn and nearly $9 million for New York University. When a Connecticut client moved to break contractual obligations with Copier Analytics, we sought the counsel of Cramer & Anderson Partner Dan Casagrande. In mediation a judge offered us $20,000, which was unacceptable given the situation, though perhaps a sign an optimal result might not be achieved. Attorney Casagrande recently settled the case for an amount far greater than that mediation offer. The settlement validated the legal action financially and affirmed the legal principle that contracts forged in good faith cannot be set aside because of unrelated circumstances. Copier Analytics is successful because we exceed clients’ expectations, and by doing a wonderful job in a difficult case, Attorney Casagrande exceeded our expectations. As a result, Cramer & Anderson is now our go-to law firm in Connecticut. —Martin Silver President, Copier Analytics Benefactor, New York University Silver School of Social Work

Attorney Casagrande’s primary Practice Areas include Land Use & Environmental Law, Municipal Law, and Planning & Zoning Land Use issues. He has served as an outside Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Danbury from 1990 through the present, and has achieved successful outcomes in several complex high profile cases. In 1998, Attorney Casagrande defended the City of Danbury in an appeal by Union Carbide Corporation of the valuation for assessment purposes of its corporate world headquarters. The trial court upheld the city’s $307 million valuation after a 24-day trial, and he successfully argued the appeal of the decision before the Connecticut Supreme Court. In 2007, he defended the Town of Waterford in its defense of an appeal by Dominium Nuclear Connecticut, Inc. of the Millstone nuclear power plant, believed to be the largest assessment appeal ever litigated in Connecticut. The trial court, in several decisions, upheld over 92 percent of the town’s valuation. Attorney Casagrande works primarily in the firm’s Danbury office. He may be reached by phone at (203) 744-1234, and by email at In addition to the Danbury office, Cramer & Anderson has offices in New Milford, Litchfield, Kent, Washington Depot, and a new office in Ridgefield, serving Fairfield County. For more information, see the website at or call the New Milford office at (860) 355-2631.


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