Cramer & Anderson Reinstitutes Mask Policy for Office Visitors

Masks are back in Connecticut and Cramer & Anderson LLP is requiring all visitors to our six regional offices to wear masks, including those who are vaccinated. “Our attorneys and staff are vaccinated, and like everyone else we had welcomed the CDC’s earlier guidance that those who are vaccinated no longer needed to wear masks, […]

In the Community

Partner Lorry Schiesel Sewing Masks for Firm and to Donate

Thanks to Attorney Dolores “Lorry” Schiesel, Resident Partner in the firm’s Kent office, Cramer & Anderson attorneys and staff have expertly sewn and stylish coronavirus protection masks made with vintage fabrics from her quilting collection. Attorney Schiesel, sewing on a 1940’s Singer Featherweight machine, has made 35 to 40 masks to date, and has another 34 in progress. Nearly finished

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