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The Differences Between Arbitration and Mediation

 Arbitration and mediation are both examples of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that are handled outside of the courtroom. Mediation can be used in many areas of the law, including divorce, personal injury and other litigation, property disputes, and more. While mediators have no power to resolve or decide a dispute, they often succeed in


State: Candlewood Solar Project in New Milford Shouldn’t Proceed

The state Department of Environmental Protection (DEEP) issued a determination Oct. 20 that represents another critical setback for a controversial 18 MW solar photovoltaic facility planned for Candlewood Mountain. The project has been deemed a threat that could lead to the “extirpation” of a species on Connecticut’s endangered, threatened, and special concern species list. That


Post-Hearing Brief Makes Case Against Kent Cell Tower Plans

The Town of Kent filed a post-hearing brief with the Connecticut Siting Council Oct. 22 that details reasons why the application from Homeland Towers and New Cingular Wireless/AT&T to construct a cell tower at one of two sites in town is fatally flawed and must be denied. Homeland Towers and New Cingular Wireless/AT&T are asking

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