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Attorney Moller Serving on Workers’ Comp Committee for 23rd Year

Bill Clinton was president, Apple Computer was struggling, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed 7,000 for the first time the year Cramer & Anderson Partner Barry S. Moller began serving on the Workers’ Compensation Section Executive Committee of the Connecticut Bar Association (CBA). CBA President Amy Lin Meyerson informed Attorney Moller in an Aug. 3 letter of his reappointment to the Executive […]


Covid-19 and Workers’ Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Workers’ Compensation work in the state of Connecticut? A: Workers’ Compensation is designed to protect employees that are injured or exposed to disease while in the course and scope of their employment. It provides wage replacement benefits for lost time from work and covers all related medical bills to treat the injury. Q: If


Attorney Moller Speaking on Advanced Workers’ Compensation

Cramer & Anderson Partner Barry S. Moller will be a guest panelist Dec. 13 at the Advanced Workers’ Compensation seminar being presented in Hartford by Sterling Education Services, Inc. “Each [Workers’ Compensation] case is a potential minefield to be navigated, and without the most up-to-date information on workers’ compensation legislation and practices, the results can

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Attorney Moller Wins $450,000 Settlement in Accident Case

If you’ve been injured and have a Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury claim, you’re in good hands with Cramer & Anderson Partner Barry S. Moller. $450,000—in a lump sum. That’s the settlement Attorney Moller recently secured after going up against the insurance giant Allstate, known for tenacity in trying to avoid such settlements. See the


Workers’ Comp Is a Tug-of-War Employees Are Losing

Workers’ Comp. It’s a simple, familiar term that adds up to an aspect of the American labor system, and an area of the law, full of intricacies that are anything but simple. To employers it’s a battleground with high stakes. To workers and unions it’s all about fairness and holding the line on treatment and

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