With Trump in Office, Immigrants Must Know Their Rights

Whatever your politics, one thing all Americans can agree on is the importance of knowing your rights and exercising them fully and appropriately. It’s the foundation this country was built upon.

It’s especially important for immigrants to know their rights at a time when policies affecting their status under the administration of President Donald J. Trump remain unclear.

logo“Everyone – both documented and undocumented persons – have rights in this country,” the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) says in its Family Preparedness Plan. “Make sure you, your family members (even children), housemates, neighbors, and co-workers, regardless of their immigration status, know of their right to remain silent and all of their other rights if ICE … come(s) to your home, neighborhood or workplace.”

It is also very important for everyone to be prepared and organized. There are certain steps that many people can take in order to make sure they are prepared if they are ever detained, such as having the contact information of an immigration attorney, and knowing whether you are eligible for any immigration relief. It is also important to have documentation establishing your presence in the United States, and about your family and any possible suffering that may occur if you are removed.

Finally, if you are a parent of a U.S. citizen child, you may want to consider contacting an attorney to discuss your options regarding the child’s future care and custody.

“The President made a call for immigration reform that seemed wildly out of step with the ramped up deportation actions he has authorized over the past month,” the ILRC said in a statement on President Trump’s Feb. 28 joint address to Congress. What this reform may entail is still to be seen; however, people must continue to remain informed of the continuous changes regarding immigration law, policies, and procedures.”

Link: Immigrant Rights Under a Trump Administration

Link: ILRC Family Preparedness Plan

Attorney Lisa Rivas, second from right, at the Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury’s breakfast awards event in June 2016.

Attorney Rivas won a 2016 New Leaders in the Law award from The Connecticut Law Tribune for her volunteer work aiding immigrants in the Greater Danbury area, and for helping people navigate a sea of immigration complexities that have gotten even more complex under President Trump.

From removal proceedings, asylum interviews and family petitions to employment petitions, National Visa Center processing and Consular processing, Attorney Rivas handles the full range of immigration-related issues for clients.

The Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury gave Attorney Rivas its Above and Beyond Award last June for her volunteer work teaching a citizenship course.

Attorney Rivas may be reached by phone in the Danbury office of Cramer & Anderson at 203-744-1234, or by email at lrivas@322marketing.com.

The firm also has offices in New Milford, Litchfield, Kent and Washington Depot. For more information, see the Cramer & Anderson website or call the New Milford office at 860-355-2631.

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