C&A Lawyers Successfully Defend City of Danbury

Cramer & Anderson municipal and civil litigators won a major victory for the City of Danbury in a court case challenging the City’s authority to regulate the handling and transfer of solid waste. A proposed operator of a solid waste facility sued the City claiming that the authority to regulate such facilities lay exclusively with the State of Connecticut, and that the City had no authority to preclude such a use by or through its zoning regulations.

In a complex and technical proceeding briefed by C&A’s Dan Casagrande and Kent Mancini and argued by Mancini in Danbury Superior Court, the trial court agreed with their assertions and ruled that the City was not precluded from exercising land use controls through its zoning regulations concerning permitted use of land within its boundaries.

MSW Associates LLC v. City of Danbury Danbury Sup. Ct. NO.CV11-6005472. (December 19, 2012).

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