Appellate Litigation

Supreme and Appellate Court appeals present unique challenges in written and oral advocacy. Those challenges are most effectively met by drawing on the experience and depth of ability of the appeals attorney. We represent individuals, businesses, towns and cities in many types of appeals. Our experience encompasses matters relating to workers’ compensation, personal injury, contract, family law, municipal law, commercial and land use cases.

We have handled a broad array of such cases on both the claimant and defense sides in the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate courts. Our litigators are skilled in creating and preserving an adequate trial court record in those cases that we have handled at the trial level that later involve an appeal. In cases that others refer to us for the appeal, we scrutinize and inquire in order to completely understand the record created in the lower court proceedings. This allows our appellate attorneys to more effectively identify, present and argue the critical issues in the appeal.

Related areas include Civil LitigationLand UsePersonal InjuryWorkers’ Compensation and Family Law.


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