Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance provides financial assistance to people with disabilities who are insured, meaning that they worked long enough to earn credits and paid Social Security taxes.

Those who qualify for benefits include people who have suffered traumatic or workplace incidents or have progressive debilitating conditions, which can include physical or mental health, leaving them unable to work.

While Federal deductions from workers’ paychecks provide the Social Security retirement funds commonly collected by older residents, those deductions also fund Social Security Disability payments.

It’s important for anyone qualifying for benefits—which can extend to family members or be retroactive in certain circumstances—to seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible.

While the Social Security Administration offers information online about the parameters for qualifying and how to apply, the process is complicated, and many who qualify will have difficulty providing the comprehensive level of information and documentation required.

That could lead to a denial and the necessity for an appeal—when things get even more complicated.

Cramer & Anderson’s team includes attorneys who are knowledgeable and experienced in guiding Social Security Disability claims to optimal outcomes by deftly handling the nuances of the process, garnering the assistance of physicians and clinicians, and making sure clients receive the benefits they’re entitled to once an award has been made.

Along the way, Attorney Jennifer Collins, who makes Social Security Disability a primary Practice Area, assists with obtaining complete medical histories and records, monitors ongoing medical treatments and works with doctors to build a strong case for disability benefits. That can mean arguing a combination of effects to meet Social Security’s definition of “disabled”—and it may also lead to early access to Medicare insurance coverage.

Attorney Collins, whose clients include disabled children and disabled veterans, goes beyond the details of Social Security Disability benefits to assist clients in connecting with support networks or other local assistive services they may need.

Getting the right outcome begins simply with an email or phone call. Our attorneys will do the rest.


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