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Attorney [Jim} Hirschfield is a knowledgeable professional who worked competently to bring a challenging case to a successful resolution. His calm manner was always a comfort. His attention to detail was impressive and because of all of this I highly recommend him!

Joan Behling
—5-Star Google Review 12/14/23

Attorney [Jim] Hirschfield is professional, knowledgeable, gives step by step overviews, responds quickly to questions, and gives timely updates. Would highly recommend!

Barbara Kulp

—5-Star Google Review 09/27/23

I was involved in a major accident with a large corporation involved. While I’m in the hospital struggling to recover, the corporation has their team onsite working on recreating the accident. I was having great difficulty both physically and mentally. Fortunately my wife is an RN. Enter John Tower. I’m trying to unscramble my brains and walk again; my wife an RN is rehabilitating me. John took so much pressure off us. He’s incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable, and dedicated. It was rough, but having John Tower a compassionate and protective person on my team made an unbearable nightmare less. You’re not in it alone was my feeling.

Stuart Stravitsch
—5-Star Google Review 06/14/23

Dan R. (Partner Dan Readyoff) was very knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to resolve a very lengthy and complicated eviction case. He understood all facets of real estate law and suggested many approaches as we satisfactorily reached conclusion. I would highly recommend him.

Phil Alesi
—5-Star Google Review 06/8/23

I made the right decision to hire Cramer & Anderson partner, Attorney John Tower, and Paralegal Kelly Simpson to represent me in a civil suit regarding a commercial tenant. I have had attorneys in the past and none have kept me informed as much as this team did. John and Kelly’s empathy and support got me through some stressful months. This legal team is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to hire Attorney John Tower at Cramer & Anderson again, if needed.

Judy Duda
—5-Star Google Review 06/3/23

I had the pleasure of having Ryan Henry & Glynis Gilbert represent me after being in a car accident. I went in knowing nothing about the process nor how to navigate, and after successfully closing my case I’d comfortably recommend them to anyone who is in a similar situation. They were great at explaining the process upfront and answering any questions or concerns I had. I’m very appreciated of all the work they did on my behalf and if I ever unfortunately end up in a similar situation Ryan is who I’d call.

Chris Cuoto
—5-Star Google Review 05/23/23

Attorney Jim Hirschfield represented me twice and I would recommend him highly. He is very thorough and professional and handles his cases with care, fairness, consideration, and integrity. I highly recommend him as an attorney.

Deanna Marsico
—5-Star Google Review 05/21/23

We had the pleasure of working with Attorney Dan Readyoff on our real estate purchase. Our real estate closing came with quite a few “speed bumps” from the other side, but Dan was patient and firm with getting the answers we needed to succesfully close on our house. I highly recommend Attorney Readyoff for any real estate transaction. He is truly a professional and very personable.

Pete Cavalli
—5-Star Google Review 05/18/23

“I was referred to Attorney [Jim] Hirshfield by one of his colleagues and can confirm that this was an extremely wise choice. His level of competence and attention to detail is impressive and beyond what I’ve experienced in the past. From the moment we began discussing my particular case, I felt as though I had someone completely confident to see the matter through to its intended conclusion. Although it was subjected to a lengthy and tedious process, Attorney Hirshfield was steadfast and determined nonetheless. Anyone looking for legal representation should highly consider him, I stand by that unequivocally.”

Nicholas Iannacito
—5-Star Google Review 05/17/23

“[Partner Dan Casagrande] is a complete attorney in all aspects of municipal law. As my ratings … attest, Dan is an excellent communicator, writer, trial lawyer and researcher of the law. Most importantly, he is able to think ‘outside the box’ to get the ultimate results for his clients, and at an amazing price compared to most ‘high’ price lawyers who have never seen the inside of a courtroom. A definite ‘A” rated lawyer in every way possible.”

—5-Star Martindale Peer Review (Municipal Law) 08/30/21

Cramer & Anderson Partner John Tower provided expert assistance to my husband Dawson and I as he successfully helped us regain possession of a house from problematic tenants who had stopped paying rent and were damaging the property. In giving us his insights on the best steps to take, while reassuring us the decisions were ours to make, Attorney Tower was very patient as he clearly explained complex matters of housing law. We found Attorney Tower incredibly easy to work with, incredibly kind, and very sensitive to what we were trying to achieve and how he could help. The tenants eventually left and we are now assessing and addressing the damage to the property. The most important thing is that we have the house back, and that is thanks to Attorney Tower.

—Pat Lawrence

The entire Cramer & Anderson team have always been the utmost professionals when it comes to legal guidance and assistance. Not only are they fully knowledgeable about all aspects of law, they truly delve into each situation on an individual level and seek the proper and best solution for the client every time. I have worked mostly with Attorneys Randy DiBella, John Tower and Scott McCarthy over the years, whom I dearly trust to act in my best interest each time. All of the other staff I have had the pleasure to interact and work with are just as knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Their personal interest in their clients’ well-being is obvious from the start, and their ability to guide, advise and seek real and viable solutions to complicated legal issues is immeasurable. I value and seek their legal advice and guidance on many difficult topics and, without fail, they have always been able to provide sound judgment and relevant case experience to ensure the correct approach.

—Michael F. Zarba, P.E.
Former Director of Public Works, Town of New Milford, 2006 – 2019

[Partner Jennifer Collins] is a top notch attorney. My case could have been a lot easier had I gotten Jen in the first place. She kept my case a priority the whole time no matter how many cases she had. She did that with all cases. Jen will represent you the best that anyone can. She is kind & patient but don’t let that fool you, she is tough on the opposing side. She will go to the limits for you even when other attorney’s would just settle quickly. Jen’s the one I would always want on my side! She’s a winner!

—Martindale Review

“We can summarize our experience with Cramer and Anderson simply and sincerely as EXCELLENT. Our case was complex and required a great deal of effort, research and organization. The team was fantastic throughout and a great success under [Partner Randy DiBella’s] leadership. We are very happy with the outcome and recommend them without the slightest hesitation.”

—John & Alice Wilkinson

Atty. Kent Mancini has helped my family. The diversity of working with a firm that has many experts is an asset. It’s like one stop shopping. I highly recommend Cramer and Anderson..especially Kent Mancini!

—Philip Owens

Thank you for your help with the purchase and closing of my home. I appreciated all of your help protecting my interests. Too often our society only provides negative feedback. I want to take this opportunity to provide some positive feedback and gratitude.

—Recent real estate client of Attorney Lorry Schiesel​

As a judge I presided over a number of cases where [Partner Dan] Casagrande was counsel—excellent attorney—using good common sense. Now that I am once again back in private practice, I have had matters with him, and the experience has bolstered my impressions of him when I was a judge in Danbury.

—Martindale peer review

In addition to being one of the premier municipal attorneys in Connecticut, Attorney [Randy] DiBella is also an excellent personal injury attorney. He also serves as an arbitrator in uninsured/underinsured motorist cases.

—Martindale peer review

Congratulations to Cramer & Anderson and to Attorney John Tower on being named a Distinguished Leader in the CT Law Tribune’s 2017 Professional Excellence Awards and to [Attorney] Joshua Weinshank … on being named [a New Leader in the Law]. Well deserved recognition for a stellar law firm.

—Katy Francis (from Facebook)​

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