Whether in business or their personal life, no one considers a lawsuit desirable. However, in the ordinary course of human and commercial relations, disputes sometimes arise. At times the only means to resolve them is through the litigation process in an impartial forum, be it court or arbitration. Navigating that process requires sound assessment and counsel from trial attorneys who are comfortable in the courtroom, fully understand the effect and consequences of litigation, and appreciate the stress that the situation creates for the client. Some of the issues we encounter during a lawsuit call for teamwork in finding the best solution, and we readily consult among ourselves to do so.

Cramer & Anderson litigation attorneys both prosecute and defend civil lawsuits in which monetary damages or injunctive relief is sought. We have handled literally hundreds of such actions over the years. And while the vast majority of them settle during the course of the litigation or on the eve of trial, or even during trial, our litigators have tried and continue to try cases to verdict and to arbitration award when settlement is not an option.

From property disputes to contract, employment, commercial, municipal and injunction cases, we have seasoned, highly rated litigation lawyers who have handled, tried and won many complex and varied cases, and we employ a team approach to meeting our clients’ advocacy challenges.

Related areas include Appellate Practice, Personal Injury, and Land Use.


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