Workers’ Compensation

Anyone who suffers a work-related injury, illness, or medical condition is entitled to weekly wages, medical treatment, mileage reimbursement, and long-term coverage for injuries and related conditions under the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act.

Retaining an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately after an injury, or the onset of a work-related illness or medical condition, is critical to commencing medical treatment and obtaining the highest level of benefits available.

Cramer & Anderson’s highly-experienced workers’ compensation attorneys and legal staff—whose goal is always prompt results—have achieved settlements reaching the high six figures and exceeding $1 million in some cases.

These outcomes are based on decades of experience, a deep understanding of the Workers’ Compensation Act, leadership roles on workers’ compensation law and issues, constant monitoring of updates to the law, and a reputation for being exemplary that has other attorneys and firms sending us workers’ compensation referrals.

Those with workplace-related injuries, illnesses, or conditions are also entitled to a permanency award based on the specific circumstances of the injured body part or other impairment. This comes in addition to the wages received during the recovery from an injury, surgery, or illness.

Partners Barry Moller, Jennifer Collins, and Chris Sochacki are highly respected in the workers’ compensation and medical communities, and Attorney Moller is an authority on physical impairment ratings. In addition to securing optimal settlements, they have tried many cases, as well as successfully argued appeals.

We provide clients with a prompt, responsive, and comprehensive approach to injuries, including a full understanding of the medical options available and the intricacies of workers’ compensation laws—and while our regional firm with six offices in western Connecticut has significant depth and resources, we take a warm, caring, and compassionate approach to every case and client.

Meet Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Partner Barry Moller

Cramer & Anderson Partner Barry Moller

Attorney Moller, based in the firm’s New Milford office, has been a member of the Chairman’s Legal Advisory Committee of  the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission since 2000, and has served on the Workers’ Compensation Executive Committee of the Connecticut Bar Association since 1997. He has written extensively for the bar association’s Compensation Quarterly publication, and lectures on workers’ compensation issues for the Connecticut Bar Association, the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, and Sterling Education Services.

An authority on physical impairment ratings, Attorney Moller handles Workers’ Comp cases involving complex medical issues and presents comprehensive, sophisticated claims on behalf of injured parties. He has achieved recent settlements for clients ranging between approximately $400,000 and $800,000.

In 2020, Attorney Moller was honored with a Distinguished Leaders Award as part of the Connecticut Law Tribune’s Professional Excellence Awards. To learn more about Attorney Moller, see his profile page. He may be contacted by email at, or by phone at (860) 355-2631.

Partner Jennifer Collins

Cramer & Anderson Partner Jennifer Collins

Attorney Collins counts among her outcomes a 2020 settlement exceeding $1 million in a Worker’s Comp case for a landscaping company employee injured in an inclement weather accident, as well as a $200,000 settlement for a gas company worker badly burned in an explosion. It allowed him to move forward by changing careers, becoming a physical therapist, and helping others who have been burned.

The leader of the firm’s Social Security Disability (SSD) section, who integrates Personal Injury into her practice, Attorney Collins is known for her pro bono work, and for community service that includes organizing the firm’s participation in the annual SafeWalk to raise funds for the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury.

In 2021, she won a Distinguished Leaders Award from the Connecticut Law Tribune.

Based in the firm’s Danbury and Ridgefield offices, Attorney Collins may be reached by email at and by phone at (203) 744-1234. See her profile page to learn more.

Partner Christopher Sochacki

Cramer & Anderson Partner Chris Sochacki is successful in arguing a personal injury case should proceed despite the existence of a signed liability waiver.

Attorney Sochacki’s Civil Litigation and Personal Injury practice focuses on helping people who have been wronged or injured, including workers’ compensation claims.

His experience includes 17 years of practicing as an insurance defense litigator, giving him strategic insight and experience concerning how insurance companies and their defense counsel handle the litigation of claims. Attorney Sochacki also has extensive experience with employers’ liability and discrimination.

Attorney Sochacki’s volunteer service as a first responder in New Hartford provides him with insights and experience that benefit worker’s compensation clients. A licensed Paramedic and certified firefighter, he has a deeper understanding than most attorneys of medical conditions.

Attorney Sochacki is based in the firm’s Litchfield office and may be reached by phone at (860) 567-8718, or by email at See his profile page to learn more.

Associate Graham Moller

Cramer & Anderson Attorney Graham Moller.

A 2016 UConn Law graduate who joined Cramer & Anderson in October 2017 Attorney Graham Moller focuses on Civil Litigation and Workers’ Compensation, with a focus on pursuing a legal strategy to get clients back to where they were before the injury, and back to work. He practices compassionate advocacy in shepherding clients through the process of seeking reparation after being wronged or injured.

In 2020, Attorney Graham Moller won a New Leaders in the Law Award from the Connecticut Law Tribune.

To learn more about Attorney Graham Moller, see his profile page. He may be contacted by email at, or by phone at (860) 355-2631.

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