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Workers’ Compensation

The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act provides you with weekly wages, medical treatment, mileage reimbursement and long-term coverage for your injury. Obtaining a workers’ compensation attorney immediately after your injury is important to collect your weekly benefits and commence medical treatment. If you are hurt in the workplace, you deserve all the benefits provided by the Workers’ Compensation Act.

You are also entitled to a permanency award based on the impairment to your injured body part. This is in addition to the wages you receive while you are recovering from your injury or surgery.

Cramer & Anderson has knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation lawyers with a tremendous understanding of the Workers’ Compensation Act. They are respected both in the workers’ compensation and medical communities. We provide a thorough, prompt and responsive approach to your injury. Part of that representation is providing you with a full understanding of the medical options available to you, as well as an understanding of the workers’ compensation laws. Barry Moller, Scott McCarthy, and Ken Taylor have extensive workers’ compensation practices. They have tried many workers’ compensation cases as well as successfully argued appeals.

Therefore, if you are injured in the workplace, immediately call us to fight for your wages and medical treatment at the onset of your injury and through completion of your recovery. You are encouraged to call Barry, Scott or Ken to discuss your possible workers’ compensation claim and how they represent you in all facets of your claim.


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