Cramer & Anderson Wins Employment Trial for Manufacturer

In a lawsuit in which a Connecticut manufacturer was sued by a fired employee, the claimant alleged that his discharge was the result of discriminatory practices and in retaliation for his complaints about his work environment. The employer was defended by C&A litigator Bill Franklin.

With Franklin’s representation, the employer prevailed at each stage of the  protracted administrative process before the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO). The case was then brought to court by the employee’s attorney. The case was tried to verdict in Waterbury Superior Court with Franklin again defending the employer. The court found all issues in favor of the employer, totally vindicating it and its employment practices.

Caraballo v. Brookfield Industries, Inc. Waterbury Sup. Ct. UWY-CV-09-5015365. (July 26, 2013).

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